State high-tech enterprises - Changzhou Sanquan Equipment Co., Ltd. located in dry land of China Changzhou City, Lu Zhen. "Three-all dry" always adhering to the "whole-hearted design" and "wholeheartedly manufacturing" and "wholeheartedly service" business philosophy, "careful" and "meticulous" and "intentions" to ensure the quality of the Heart for the enterprise purpose, in response to the call of national energy conservation Beginning and end efforts to become China's industrial equipment 3.0 high-tech enterprises.


From 2008 the company since its establishment, the company relies on more than 10 years experience in the drying of the engineering and technical personnel to high-precision spray dryer for scientific research, with reference to the Swiss BUCHI and Denmark GEA Niro design principles and data analysis, and "River Shanghai University, jointly developed a joint depth of research and development, the establishment of spray-drying integrated laboratory, breaking the traditional LPG spray-drying restrictions, the successful development of ZHPG-efficient energy-saving spray-drying machine and BLPG closed-circuit circulating spray dryer. Its widely used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical fields and made a number of national invention patents and new practical patents, products, high-tech products in Jiangsu Province that.


The company successively cooperated with user units in the condiment industry, pesticide and fertilizer industry, carrageenan industry, caramel pigment industry and battery material industry. The company has provided the advanced research and development including spray pretreatment The complete solution for the complete set of solutions (cleaning, fermentation, centrifugation, filtration, extraction, concentration), in the treatment program (drying, crushing, mixing, granulating, screening) and aftertreatment program (weighing, packaging, quality). Relying on the Yangtze River Delta region as a whole machinery manufacturing industry consolidation of the advantages of integration of the industry advantages and successful application of the area, providing customers with a more excellent overall solution. So that customers detours, innovation and development to create more and better social wealth.


Companies to develop international business, out of the country with the times. Products cover the United States, Israel, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Sudan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam and other countries. Exports accounted for a large proportion of the company, and was increasing year by year trend.


Sanquan  wholeheartedly is willing to work together with you to open up our common era ...